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 Bijuu Policy

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PostSubject: Bijuu Policy   Mon Mar 01, 2010 4:33 pm

We realize everyone wants a bijuu cause they are just so fuckin bad ass! So we are going to have a sign up sheet. You most post a roleplay sample in this section with the name of your character, his abilitys, then give the sample (length is to be detirmed by you if you think it is good then post it)

I realize some of the bijuu were announced in hosts BUT im going to have it like it is in the anime (killerbee and naruto are the only two hosts the rest can be applied for)

One-Tailed - Shukaku -
Two-Tailed - Monster Cat -
Three-Tailed - Giant Turtle -
Four-Tailed - Monkey -
Five-Tailed - Dolphin Horse -
Six-Tailed - Slug -
Seven-Tailed - Horned Beetle -
Eight-Tailed - Giant Ox - (killerbee) - (Must go through canon character creation)
Nine-Tailed - Demon Fox - (naruto) - (Must go through canon character creation)
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Bijuu Policy
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