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 Seal Template

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PostSubject: Seal Template   Mon Mar 01, 2010 4:34 pm

Name of Seal : (What is the name of the seal)
Seal Type : (Is it on paper, Tattoo, or scroll)
Seal Rank : (The stronger the type of the seal, the higher the rank.)

Method Of Sealing -
Seal Looks : (How does the seal look? Where or what is it placed on? Or add a picture.)

Sealing : (How is it sealed away.)
Unsealing : (How do you unseal the seal and release what is contained Inside it?)

Seal Use : (what is this seal used for?)

Other Info.
Character Link : (Link to the character you wish to add a seal)
Jutsu Link : (give a link to the custom jutsu)

Name of Seal :
Seal Type :
Seal Rank :

Method Of Sealing -
Seal Looks :

Sealing : (How is it sealed away.)
Unsealing :

Seal Use :

Other Info.
Character Link :
Jutsu Link :
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Seal Template
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