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Otogakure Kage
Otogakure Kage

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PostSubject: Otokage~Sen   Mon Mar 01, 2010 10:46 pm

Name: Sen
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Village: Otogakure
Bloodline/Kekkei Genkai: None
Rank: Otokage
Speciality: Ninjutsu
Element: Water-Earth (Wood)
Weapon: Wire

Has 10+ meters of very thin metal wire wrapped around each of his arm's and leg's, often concealed by his clothing.

A calm and thoughtful person, his every move and action is carefully planned, and his execution flawless. His sole motivation is the goal of protecting his people and the village. Because of his less agressive leadership then previous leader, Sen must often look over his own shoulders lest he be betrayed by those who supported the previous Otokage. Being a reasonable and balanced leader he is also often mocked by the more power hungry ninja of the village.

History/Background story:
Born in the land of Rice, Sen was born into a lower class merchant family. During his early childhood he spent most of his time dreaming of becoming a ninja and saving the world just like in the stories his father would read to him. When he came of age his family enrolled him into the Konoha village academy, which had a well known reputation for producing powerful ninja. Sen graduated from the academy at the age of 12 and went on to complete various missions around the village. Around his 17th birthday he also celebrated the fact that he and his teammates had become chuunin and nobody had died.

Attending the Chuunin exams later that year he witnessed the attack on Konoha that was lead by Orochimaru. Sen's former teammates and his current Genin student's were all killed during the attack. When the battle was finally over Sen found himself unable to cope with the fact that all his friend's had been killed. Choosing to follow Orochimaru he left the village while the dead were still being counted, he dissapeared from Konoha and traveled to his home once again.

Several years past as Sen hid inside the Land of Rice while slowly bidding his time. Collecting information over the past 4 years he was able to determine that the Otokage would soon be vulnerable to a assassination attemp. After prepairing for several days Sen made his move, but it was too late. Someone else had attacked the Otokage and flushed him out of the Land of Rice. All Sen ever heard about the attack was that it was committed by a group of Konoha ninja.

Feeling empty now that he had missed his chance for revenge, he contemplated suicide. But he slowly came to the realization that Otokagure was now leaderless. Upon making his way into the village he discovered chaos, without a leader the various groups of Ninja had begun to fight amongest themselves. Sen decided at that moment he would try to undo the damage caused by Orochimaru to his homeland, quickly fighting his way through the various faction leaders he found himself sitting upon the position of Otokage.

Even as he tries to change the sadistic ways that Orochimaru instilled into the village, he will always need to keep a open eye for traitors and those who might try and take back the village.

RP sample (Did a kinda short one, it just gets really boring after the first lil'bit):
Footstep's slapped against the hard tiles as they approached. Sen made his way to the council room, the damp hallway casting a erie glow as the torches burned along the walls. Approaching the door he threw his hand outward and grabbed the old copper handle with his left hand. Throwing the door aside with a vicious force he entered into the room while the Council muttered amongest themselves.

"Please be seated" boomed Sen in a loud voice as he looked around the large circle shaped room. Quickly counting off the council members to himself he noticed that several were missing. "Where are the others?" he questioned to the gathered council.

"They couldn't make it without being spotted" answered one of the young female members.

"Fine, we shall move along" added Sen as he rubbed his temple with his right hand. Regaining his composure he looked around the dark and damp stone room, at the council of Ninja who sat upon rotting wood chairs. Clearing his throat with a deep cough he spoke, "Dear Council.....I gather you here today to speak of the recent troubles that have plagued the village".

"Trouble's that our village would not be facing had we waited for Orochimaru's return!" boomed a older male member sitting to Sen's left.

Sen had already gotten used to the distrust of the other council members, yet it still never failed to make him sweat. "Look" replied Sen, "We are facing troubled times, we must put aside our petty squabbles and gather together to help our people".

"So what do you suggest?" asked a small and frail voice from the eldest male member.

Sen grinned and nodded his head, "I would like to start by adressing the current crime rate, the people need to be protected and if something isn't done soon we may lose the current trust of the villagers". Making a sweeping motion with his left hand he clenched it into a tight fist, "I have already arranged at least 7 methods in which we can eliminate or capture the various gangs that are running free!".
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PostSubject: Re: Otokage~Sen   Tue Mar 02, 2010 2:15 pm

Approved of course xD
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