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 Sharingan Rules

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PostSubject: Sharingan Rules   Tue Mar 02, 2010 3:26 pm

These will be the guidelines for any sharingan user, In addition the way to gain a tomoe is through rank up such as chunin tomoe two, jounin tomoe three, Mangeyko must my roleplayed out and will be discussed amongst the mods and admins.

These are the rules regarding the Sharingan and its ability to copy jutsu. As a base, in order to copy any jutsu the Sharingan wielder must be in possession of two or more tomoe. A single tomoe, unable to see and even distinguish chakra yet, is not enough to copy jutsu. With that in mind, a Sharingan wielder cannot copy jutsu until they have developed a third tomoe. At that point, they may copy jutsu freely. With only two tomoe, their ability to copy will be restricted. As a simple general rule, whether three tomoe or two tomoe, a Sharingan wielder must meet the requirements for any jutsu to be copied. This includes, but is not limited to, possessing the required element, rank, physical stamina/ability, etc.

Two Tomoe Sharingan
  • With two tomoe the Sharingan wielder may freely copy C-Ranked jutsu for which they meet the aforementioned requirements.
  • After attaining the rank of Chuunin, the Sharingan wielder may only partially copy B-Ranked jutsu unless they have viewed the technique multiple times on at least three different instances. [Actual RPs are required. Approval Moderators will be the final judge on this.]
  • After attaining the rank of Jounin, the Sharingan wielder may only partially copy A-Ranked jutsu unless they have viewed the technique multiple times on at least four different instances. [See above...]Three Tomoe Sharingan

With three tomoes, a Sharingan wielder will now be able to copy jutsu of any rank freely as long as they meet the requirements to use it. Those requirements include:
  • The Sharingan wielder possesses the appropriate rank.
  • The Sharingan wielder possesses the correct elemental chakra. Meaning, that Sharingan wielder may only copy a Fuuton - Wind jutsu if they possess a Fuuton - Wind affinity. Without the proper element they cannot copy an elemental jutsu. If, at any point, they do gain the proper element they will be able to use the jutsu that they had previously seen.
  • The Sharingan wielder must meet the physical requirements for copying a Taijutsu. A Sharingan wielder with little skill in Taijutsu cannot copy Taijutsu techniques higher than B-Ranked. If a player has, however, demonstrats the necessary proficiency, and at an Approval Moderators discretion, they will be free to copy higher ranking Taijutsu techniques.

Additional Rules and Notes
  • The Eight Gates may not be copied and opened without the proper training to do so.
  • Advanced elemental techniques may not be copied unless the Sharingan wielder in question possesses that advanced element.
  • Complex jutsu, such as Chidori or Rasengan, will require multiple viewing to copy completely.
    Conventional or elemental clan techniques can be copied freely as long as the above requirements are met.
  • [Unconventional clan techniques, such as Shadow Manipulation or Possession, or techniques involving fields that the Sharingan wielder is unfamiliar with can only be copied at the basic levels [Up to C-Ranked] after multiple viewings. Any technique more advanced requires the Sharingan wielder to have at least copied one basic technique in order to "learn the fundamentals" of that particular clan's jutsu. Jutsu/Clan Apporval Moderators are the ultimate judges on multiple viewings and if a technique is unconventional.]
  • Kekkei Genkai techniques may not be copied.
  • Summons may not be copied.

Three Tomoe Sharingan :: Additional Abilities
  • With three tomoes a Sharingan wielder will no longer be limited to that maximum of three or four A-Ranked jutsu at the level of Chuunin or a maximum of four S-Ranked jutsu at the level of Jounin. Three tomoe Sharingan wielders will be able to copy jutsu of those ranks freely and can thus add to their repertoire beyond conventional limits. They are, however, still subject to the same rules regarding how many S-Ranked jutsu they will be able to use in a single fight among other rules that apply to regular players.
  • With three tomoes a Sharingan wielder will be able to copy an form of a jutsu comprised of the elements they possess, even advanced applications [heat to fire, etc...] as long as they meet the rank requirements.
  • Due to the Sharingan's natural ability and strength in the realm of Genjutsu, they will be able to copy all non-Kekkei Genkai Genjutsu and secret clan Genjutsu freely.
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Sharingan Rules
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