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 Kage's Office (S Rank Missions/Official Business)

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Otogakure Kage
Otogakure Kage

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PostSubject: Kage's Office (S Rank Missions/Official Business)   Tue Mar 02, 2010 5:44 pm

A tall building stood on the far edge of the town. It sat beside the Mission office, it's frightening appearance greatly different than the Mission Office. Inside the entrance was a very large room filled with Anbu and staff, the Staff running about doing paperwork while the Anbu kept guard. Up the far stairway the Otokage sat upon a marble chair that shone from having been polished the night before. The Otokage listened while several advisors spoke, at the same time he filled out various paperwork that was placed in his hands.

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Kage's Office (S Rank Missions/Official Business)
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