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 Himeko "The Weightless Beauty"

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PostSubject: Himeko "The Weightless Beauty"   Sun Mar 07, 2010 2:38 pm

Himeko :: Name
Female :: Gender
Rank :: Kage
Age :: 39

:: Village ::
Kumogakure - Kage

:: Specialty ::

:: Element ::
(Lightning + Earth) Greton, Gravity

:: Looks ::
Himeko has the posture of a proper princess. Her beauty is regarded as "a gift from gods". She adores a dark blue dress-type wear, and her sword hangs at her waist. Atop her brow is a pendent type crown, (it is said that this pendent has special properties but only the princess knows) ((and cause im lazy, just look at the picture above))

:: Personality ::
Unlike most people that have power Himeko is polite, and generous. She puts the village before herself. Although she is not one to be trifled with. When the time is needed she is ruthless, and savage. Her unique ability to manipulate gravity has given her the nickname, "The Weightless Beauty"

:: History ::
The past of Himeko is kept quite a secret. They say that when she was little, Himeko and her twin sister were put through intense training to become great warrior-leaders. It cant be confirmed but this is what the inhabitants of Kumogakure believe. The sisters showed remarkable skill, loyalty, and companionship. Himeko's sister Hazuki didn't want the task of taking care of a village so she let Himeko become kage. Ever sense the two have made a deadly duo. Not one has ever been able to stand up to the sisters.

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Himeko "The Weightless Beauty"
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