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 Hazuki "The Ruthless Beauty"

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PostSubject: Hazuki "The Ruthless Beauty"   Sun Mar 07, 2010 2:54 pm

Name :: Hazuki
Gender :: Female

Rank :: S-rank/Kage
Age :: 39

:: Specialty ::

:: Element ::
(Lightning + Earth) Greton, Gravity

:: Looks ::
(Look at picture above)

:: Personality ::
Hazuki has a fiery attitude. She is almost a total opposite of her sister. The battlefield is where she likes to be, and she is not afraid to show her more beastly side. But decpite Hazuki's war loving tendancies she is still very loving and kind. (and she is not afraid to show a little skin)

:: History ::
Just like her sister Hazuki's past is shrouded in mystery. Although people have regarded her as a ruthless beauty. Together the sisters make the deadliest duo around. Hazuki tends to not get herself tied into the village's affaird, and will only help when her sister Himeko calls upon her. Hazuki spends alot of her time traveling, but she always returns to her sister.

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Hazuki "The Ruthless Beauty"
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