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 Ryu Kamimizu

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Ryu Kamimizu

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PostSubject: Ryu Kamimizu   Sat May 29, 2010 12:02 pm

b]Name:[/b]Ryu Kamimizu
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Village: Kirigakure
Bloodline/Kekkei Genkai: Kamimizu (divine Water)
Rank: Kage
Speciality: Water Ninjutsu
Element: Suiton

ApperanceHead-Ryu has spiked up hair in the color of blue, his eyes are of the shade of blue. He normally never wares the Kage hat to symbolize he is a kage. Never had he worn a headband. And never will he.
Body and ClothingHis body is mostly covered in the kage outfit. Under the outfit he wares two headbands one on his right wrist the other on his left wrist. One of the headbands belonged to his friend who was killed in the 6th Ninja War. He swore to avenge his friend and end the wars for good. Underneath the outfit he wares his light ninja outfit.
Accessories Ryu has a sword on his back inscribed with the words of Mizu Oyobi Chuugi meaning "Water and Loyalty". This sword was the sword that he received the day his friend died in combat. He never uses the sword unless for an emergency. He will often say "In honor of those who have past, it would be of grave ill to use such a blade in vain".

PersonalityRyu is often friendly, but serious in fights, he often never loses in battle

History/Background story:
Genin Arc-
Ryu was a energetic ninja, much like naruto. He had dreams of becoming Mizukage, becoming the best ninja out there in the Shinobi Erra. Little did he know that what he had to do to become such a ninja would be such a deadly task. Ryu at age of ten passed the academy and became a genin, his family were dead when he was age of four. He was taken in by his future sensei, Arashi Mitsunai. She acted in the role of being a mother to him and helped him pass the Academy. Years pass and now Ryu is of age thirteen, at this time all ninja were on missions because the year of the sixth ninja war began. The genin were sent to to take the civilians of the village who were nay ninja or strong. The chuunin were sent to go to villages close by and ask for immediate help. The jounina were sent on a life risking mission to try and shorten and take down the threat. Arashi Mitsunai was one of those jounin.

Ryu, having known of his mother figure was sent out to risk her life, followed in her foot steps slowly. Day after day he watched her, fight and risk her life on the line to protect her village. It was too much for him to bare...she was short of chakra and blood was dripping down the side of her mouth...she was nearly dead. Ryu had to do something. And so he did, he charge his chakra, formed handsigns, and produced a jutsu that is legendary of all jutsu to this day. "WATER DIVINE WOLF JUTSU!" Ryu yelled out as suddenly water poured out through his hands. The water formed into a solid object much like in the form of a wolf. His eyes glowed white, suddenly Ryu struck his fist foward then downward the clap them together, suddenly the water wolf reacted and slashed with the right paw then then with the left then suddenly the wolf exploded into thousands of senbon stabbing directly into the skin of the rouge ninja acting Arashi. The ninja died on impact, the water wolf jutsu dispersed and Ryu lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

The Return, Ryu made Chuunin Arc-
After learning of Ryu missing in action to save Arashi, the Kage dispatched two ninja squads to go looking for him. Arashi returned five days after, Ryu walking beside her. The village was still quiet. Arashi spoke with the kage telling him of what happened and how ryu saved his life. Soon after he was given the rank of chuunin. Ryu was then sent on a mission shortly afterwords to go to the village hidden in the sand to find any surviving ninja that he had sent to that village to help the Sand village. Ryu simply understanding what he had to do he went his way towards the Sand village.

Sunagakure Mission, Retrieval of the Survivors Arc-
Ryu finally arrived into the village of the Sand, found no survivors. Instead he found dead bodies...each one belonging to the mist village. In shock he asked all the ninja of the sand village who had committed such a crime. Each ninja said the same thing, rouge ninja waring black robes. Ryu rushing out of the village gates hoping to find the ninja responsible for such a homicide, charged his chakra into his hands. He stopped when he caught site of three ninja standing over a ninja, was he dead? No he was still alive, he wore a sand village headband. Ryu enraged that he took these ninja for the ones who killed the mist shinobi. He suddenly in haste formed hand signs, then from that his eyes glowed white once again. He places his hands together. "Divine Water Senbon Scatter Jutsu" From his palms water poured out and formed into a solid clear blue senbon. He threw the senbon forming hand signs again and created a chakra thread connected to the senbon. The ninja knowing of the attack turned around and deflected the attack. Suddenly Ryu severed the chakra thread and the senbon separated into seven different shards each one stabbing into the first ninja. The first ninja died of ease. The second ninja ran at Ryu, Ryu payed no attention. Ryu spun his body to the left then formed chakra into his hands slaming the second ninja in the back, then appeared underneath the second ninja's chin and slammed his chin up wards then form hand signs as the ninja fell downwards. Suddenly Ryu lifted up his hands and water poured from the ground forming into a solid spike. The spike pierced through the second ninja. The last ninja looked at Ryu then formed hand signs and used an earth style jutsu that allowed him to spit earth spiked pillars from his mouth. Ryu jumped on top of the pillars, pulled out a kunai from his pocket. Ryu ran forward and as he got close he pierced the kunai into the ninja's throat killing him. Ryu reverted back to normal, and soon passed out. The sand ninja that he saved, being so grateful, took Ryu back to the village and lied him in a hospital bed.

Ryu, New Friend Arc-
Ryu having woken up from such a battle found himself lying in a bed. The ninja he saved stared directly at him smiling. He then explained who he was and how grateful he was. Ryu understood what the ninja was saying, and how the rouge ninja he killed were stealing from the village and killed the mist shinobi in the cross fire. Ryu then got up and left to his village to report back on what had happened.

Ryu Appointed Jounin-Arc
Ryu having reported to the mizukage about what had happened in the mist village, was appointed Jounin. The mizukage looked ill and explained that when he was to die Ryu would take his place. Ryu having heard of this was in shock and left the kage building.

Final Battle, The Sixth Ninja War Arc-
Ryu was sent to the sand village again to retrieve ninja to head up into the battle field. Ryu found the ninja he saved and left with the ninja towards the battle field. When they arrived the battle was nearly over. Only one ninja was left. The sand ninja smiled and looked at Ryu, "Here I want you to have this sword, I been meaning to give it to you after saving my life." Ryu was given a sword that read Mizu Oyobi Chuugi. Ryu looks at the sand ninja and smiles he takes the sword. The second he did so the sand ninja looked at him then rushed in after the surviving ninja. The sand ninja did kill him but the rouge ninja killed the sand ninja as well. Ryu was in shock, he ran up to the sand ninja's body whose last words were "End the wars, never let them take over again." The ninja soon died after that. Ryu took his headband and tied it on his right wrist.

The mizukage died after Ryu had returned from the victory. Ryu was appointed Kage. Ryu accepted and to this day does he now take power of his village as Nanatsuaime or the seventh mizukage.

RP sample:

:Description: the ninja feels the pessance of the fire ball then sudenly he does handsigns. Ninja art: Water Wall-the jutsu in which forms a wall of water the moves in motion blocking almost every element, but lighting, earth, and wind. The jutsu blocks the huge fire ball but the water wall smashes into piecces once colided with the fire ball. The ninja stands unharmed and throws his kunai, that he had drawn before he fought, into the middle of the area. Suddenly the ninja does another set of handsigns and holds the handsign in place as the whole area becomes shrouded in a mist of some sort. Ninja art: Deadly Mist- A mist summoned up from the combined chakra of the user and the water, the mist acts like a leech that feeds on the opponents chakra for quite sometime leaving the opponent weak if an attack strikes upon him or her. The ninja smirks as the mist solifies and the becomes like thread that shoots out at his opponent.

Light stares at his opponent looking at him knowing that he will fail with the attack but all he needs to do is draw him closer to the kunai. Light secretly has the scroll of raikou up his sleave. Hmmm...if I can draw him closer to the kunai i can summon raikou to send a blast which could paralize this ninja, nugh... problem is this ninja seems to be reading my every move so this could be a harder opponent then I ever faced, or one like i have never seen before. Who is this ninja...i know i seen his appearance somewhere, but i can't place my finger on it... the only bloodlines that i know that can judge the movement of ninja are the Uchiha and the red eye that basically had no name in it's clan. Hmmm but that can't be right both those clans are dead arn't it possible that one is still alive or is the resurection of one of these clans. Nugh...this is such a pain!

Light stands in his place still staring at the ninja "before i go on I need to know what clan are you of...I noticed you read my every movement but I can't see how that is even possible with both the clans that are able to do that are dead! So who are you ninja and why are you trying to corrupt the village in the clouds!"


Description: Through the mountains of Kumori no Kuni, the grace of clouds floating in illusionary grey circle round the village from above. Not from a far has the Kage's office. From there stands a ninja standing on the roof of the Kage's office who's appearance makes it clear that the ninja is a male. His hair is as dark as the night sky and sways like the flapping of a crows wings through the air as the head band in the color of white with a metal plate over it with the symbol of the cloud village's logo. His eyes a lushious blue like that of clear blue oceananic water. His mouth is shroaded by a white mask almost like its wrapped around like medical wrapping. It appeared he was standing at a hieght of five feet and eight inches. His clothing was draped in grey as if to blend in with the clouds. His wrists and bottom legs was gaurded in metal plating. His hands twirling a kunai knuckle to knuckle making it obvious that he was skilled enough not to cut him self while doing so.

"Heh go figure theres nothing to do in this forsaken village. Why do i still even work seems to me that the outlaws have more fun then any of the village really is starting to piss me off." He sighs stops rolling is kunai. Suddenly he spins the kunai and it lands facing flat onto his palm where he then puts it away. Soon after he flips off the roof landing on the roof of a smaller building. He gets back up and walks to the edge of the smaller building and jumps down landing feet first onto the village's ground. "Time to go look for some exciting. There has to be something to do around in these parts of the village."

The ninja sighs yet again and begins to walk a ways north up into the village. As he walks through the village he looks up into the sky and does not even smile as he stares at the blank and boring sky. It was here where he realized thats how his life is...boring and bleak to every aspect. He then stops looking at the sky and looks straight infront of him where he then encounters the village's forest.

Decription: The forest is said to have a genjutsu that would drive a ninja that was not of the origins of the Cloud Village insane. The forest was not a normal forest. It raised trees and flowers through the grass. Though the only difference is that strains of lightning or what looked like lightning repeatedly trailed around the area, but other than that it was a rather beutiful area. This forest was a shorcut path into the Village's town and the outer northern gates to leave the village on an important mission.

The ninja walked into the the forest as he steped onto the forests grass the harmless strain of lightning trailed around the trees and the ninja. "Heh...I always wondered how this forest came to be it's quite abnormal to most forests..." he sighs as he walks through heading for town. After a full hour the clouds begin to light up what becomes the night sky. He is still about a quarter of a mile away from the villages town. The ninja yet again sighs.

Soon after he makes it to the entry of the Villages Town which was the main atracting point for the Village's people.

Description: In the the town, lies five buildings that circled the areas. Each building was a store of some sort. The first building to the right was the ramen stand where the ninja could eat any variety of ramen. The next building was coated in the color blue and white with the cloud village logo across the the name "The Cloud Inn" which gave away the fact that it was the resting place for ninja's who came to the village for a mission. Soon after came a little show where the steam of smoke always blew out of. From this shop you can see tiny embers fly up into the air as what looks like a black smith strikes the metal with a hammer of some sort. This building is known as the "Cloud Village Weapon Repair and Weapon Forge" this is where most ninja get their weapons. The nex building has a cross on top of the building. The cross was in the color of a crimson red; with this, it had shown it was the medical facility. Then their was the building where only chuunin and up could enter, The Scroll Shop, in lies the secrets of any elemental jutsu ranking from D-S. This shop also has the scrolls of every kind like ninjutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu, senjutsu (sage jutsu [summoning]), Kaijutsu (weapon jutsu).

The ninja sighs once again as he walks into the village's town as he heads to the ramen stand. He takes his seat as he orders a regular styled ramen. As the bowl is passed to him he breaks the sticks apart and begins to eat the ramen.


A ninja walks in with a black hood over his face. The bottom of the cloth attached to the hood covered his mouth like a basic ninja would ware. His eyes were the color of blue and he continued to walk foward. He was walking at the height of eight feet and eight inches. His hair was all that was visable from coming under his hood. It was the color of black. His clothing was also of dark black. On the back of this clothing bore the Symbol of the Kumo-Anei. The symbol had a spiked sun along with red lines curving around it and through it.


"hmph...a ninja on a clay bird...a female at that you must be the kunoichi i heard so much about. Nami the resurection of deidara, but let me ask you something are you as good as I heard?"

[Inner thoughts-Raijuu]
"Hmmm a kunoichi with the power of the clay artist deidara? Intresting and very admirable, but the question remains what on the likes of her is she doing in this area. She might as well signed her death wish...Usuke, do you know any information on this girl?"

[Inner Thoughts-Usuke]
No all i know is that she left her village I haven't any reason on why, but still I am questioning the same thing you are.

[Inner thoughts-Raijuu]
"oh...and what would that be?"

[Inner Thoughts]
Why the hell she is in Kumo-Anei's teritorry or the fact on how she got passed my barier...Either way I guess it's time to find out, hmph.

Suddenly Usuke holds in a handseal and chakra is exerted foward.

[Inner thoughts-Usuke]
Release! Buki Eye Ni Buki!

Suddenly usuke's eyes go dark blue and two symbols appear in each eye to replace the pupple. Usuke then usuke does another handseal and releases it pulling out a sword from his stomach.

[Inner Thoughts-Usuke]
Ninja Art-Buki Clan's Hidden Art-The Blade of Buki!


"Well lets test your skills!"

Clink...clink...clink...came the sounds off from a distance. Suddenly the sound began to cease, then once again it began. A figure, not taller then five feet and eight inches, stood at the front of the building that seemed to be surrounded in a forest of green lushes leaves on the tree branches. The figure had black hair which had swayed with the wind almost as like the flapping of a crow's wings. The eyes were blue, but a bit more brighter than the open sky. The clothing was black with white strips as the collar of the figure's neck and down the middle of the torso.

The figure seemed to be rolling a cross or rather a smaller version of the cross. It wasn't any bigger than an average coin. The cross seemed to be rolling back and forth from knuckle to knuckle making a clink...clink...clink sound over and over again. The figure seemed to be male. He still stood in front of the building impatient, then suddenly he spoke. "Where is that kid, he should be have been here by now."

By the sounds of it the man was of age nine-teen. Suddenly another figure waring the same clothing as the man, but this figure had a cross necklace hanging by what it appears to be his neck. "Sorry I'm late, I got into a fight". The figure had said as now his bruising from the fight was now visible.

He must have gotten a clean shot because he got a bruise on his left cheek. "What did I tell you about getting into fights, Usuke" The man had said enraged enough that he must have forgotten about the cross moving to knuckle to knuckle for it had stopped in place as it now stays still in between his knuckles.

"You said that fighting should not be used unless the balance is disrupted..." The figure who had seemed to be Usuke spoke in the tone of annoyance.

"Was the balance disrupted?" The man asked questionably towards Usuke.

"No master it wasn't, but they..." before Usuke could even finish he was on the ground gasping for air.

The man stood over him looking disappointed now lowering his guard. It had seemed the man was fast enough to strike Usuke on the ground for his right fist was red as if it had came in contact with Usuke's stomach, but still the cross lay between the knuckles of the left fist of the man who now stands over Usuke.

"You never listen do you?"

The man said sighing a grief of disappointment. Usuke still lies on the ground gasping for air. "I can't believe the fact that you even past the test, Usuke." The man had spoke as if to mock Usuke.
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