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 Custom Jutsu/summon Template

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PostSubject: Custom Jutsu/summon Template   Sun Feb 28, 2010 9:33 pm

-1 Element/advanced element
-D and C-rank jutsu learned with ease
-1 Unmastered B rank jutsu
-Maximum number of jutsu is approximately 15. Can vary depending on clan, and such.

-2 Elements/1 advanced
-D, C, and B-ranked jutsu learned with ease.
-3 A-ranked jutsu are acceptable nothing more
-1 incomplete S-ranked jutsu allowed. But what does "incomplete" mean? Here are some standards: The jutsu does not work as intended. Its range, effectiveness, and functionality should be underdeveloped compared to what you would like it to be. The jutsu causes a total loss of chakra. Much like how a Genin can use a B-rank and lose their chakra, Chuunin can use an incomplete S-rank as some kind of final attack.The jutsu causes physical side-effects to the user. Not only are you out of chakra, you're pretty messed up as a result.
-Approximate maximum of jutsu is 25-30, can vary

-3 basic elements or 2 basic elements and 1 advanced element.
- D, C, B, and A rank jutsu learned with ease
- Maximum of 3 S-ranked jutsu. Some S-ranked jutsu used for story purposes or are used in a non-battle situation may not count towards the maximum count of 3. This will be decided by the staff.
-Maximum amount of jutsu is around 40-60. More can be added if you ask a mod/admin

- 3 basic elements or 2 basic elements with 1 advanced element.
- All jutsu through A rank learned with ease
- Max of 6 S-Rank jutsu
-Max amount of jutsu 60+

Name: Name of your tech
Rank: (E-SS)
Range: Supplementary, Close(0-5meters), Medium(5-10meters), Far (10meters+)
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, taijutsu, etc
Elemental Affinity: Fire, Water, Earth, lightning, advanced element, none
Clan: give a link, if not put none

Description: How does the tech work? What happens? What are some drawbacks? How did this jutsu come into existence. Explain that here

[b][u]Range[/u]:[/b]Supplementary, Close(0-5meters), Medium(5-10meters), Far (10meters+) 
[b][u]Jutsu Type[/u]:[/b] 
[b][u]Elemental Affinity[/u]:[/b]


Summoning Guide lines

Summons may utilize only one element, if the summon were to use a advanced element. It MAY NOT use the other elements such as lava is fire and earth. the summon then can only use lava not fire and earth as well as lava.

multiple contracts may be created for the same animals under the idea that they are a separate family/clan or group of that animal. BUT All canon summons (Mountain Toads,Slugs, Orochimaru's Snakes) must still be obtained through finding a character with that contract and obtain it.

Also if you want to obtain some sort of special summon you must RP it out, no simply copy and pasting it then saying you now own this particular summon.

Name: Kuchiyose no Jutsu - Spiritualism Technique
Rank: C rank
Range: Supplementary
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity: None

Description: A powerful jutsu, Ninpo Kuchiyose allows a ninja to summon animals, objects and the dead to fight on their behalf. The ninja normally signs a blood contract with the animal species, which allows them to summon different size and skill levels of creature. The ability to summon more advanced animals largely depends upon the amount of chakra the ninja can muster to perform the jutsu. To summon the creature the ninja will wipe blood on the hand, perform the necessary handseals and then touch their hand to the ground or another object. Though it appears that as long as significant pressure is placed against the blood in some form, the summon will be complete. There can be variations to the summoning steps, some ninja like Temari will wipe blood on her fan, then by swinging the fan the animal is summoned. Other ninja like Orochimaru wipe the blood across a snake tattoo on their arm first, then touch the ground.

Name: (of summon)
Rank: (E-SS)
Physical Description: (what does the animal look like and how is it activated)
Type of Summon: How is it summoned?)
Species: (what type of animal is it?)
Story: (how did you obtain this specific summon)
Elemental Affinity: (List if there is or put none if not)
Clan: (a unique clan summon?)
Summons List of jutsu. (if the summon can use jutsu list them here, follow the jutsu template)

[b][u]Physical Description[/u]:[/b]
[b][u]Type of Summon[/u]:[/b]
[b][u]Elemental Affinity[/u]:[/b]
[b][u]Summons List of jutsu.[/b][/u]
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Custom Jutsu/summon Template
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