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 The General Rules

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PostSubject: The General Rules   Sun Feb 28, 2010 9:40 pm

Creation Rules -
  1. It's simple just folow the templates and all will go smoothly
  2. Be patient a Admin or Mod will get to you soon enough (Bumps will be allowed once every two days)
  3. The characters name should be in japanese (nothing like the shamwow guy)

  1. NO PORN OR EXPLICT MATERIAL banhamma will find you
  2. Blood, gore, and mutilation are accepted
  3. Keep the cussing to a minimum, To be nice to those who dont like it
  4. No cyber bullying (you will only be warned once)
  5. Have respect for your fellow members
  6. NO double posting (it is possible to delete one of your posts so do it)
  7. Godmodding is noobish so just dont do it.
  8. A kill/death will be disputed among the staff

New rules will be added as i see fit.
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The General Rules
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